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Jiangyin Runzhong Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd., formerly known as Jiangyin Chengzhong lubricating oil company, was founded in 1987. It was originally a professional lubricating oil company jointly established by provincial Changshan oil company and local government. There is Jiangyin Chaoyang lubricating grease factory under the company. After several years of development and growth, the company's sales network has spread all over the city and surrounding counties and cities. With good business reputation, high-quality products and perfect service, it has won the trust of customers. With the deepening of reform and opening up, Jiangyin Chengzhong lubricating oil company established a new joint-stock company through restructuring in 1997: Jiangyin Runzhong Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd.

The birth of the new company has maintained the vitality of the past and kept forging ahead with the business philosophy of "bigger and stronger, peer priority". The company has a registered capital of 10 million yuan, a working capital of 30 million yuan, a storage area of 1000 square meters and two delivery vehicles. It has a dedicated sales team and high-quality service engineers. While actively exploring the market, it has always maintained good cooperative relations with famous suppliers at home and abroad, and has obtained the agency right of ExxonMobil, the world's largest oil company. So far, customers have spread all over all walks of life in Jiangyin area.

With the rapid development of Jiangyin's economy, many well-known enterprises have settled in Jiangyin and have become long-term and stable customers of the company, such as sunshine group, Hailan group, Huaxi Group, molding group, nijiaxiang group, Shenda group, Xingcheng group, Ligang Power Plant, Chengxi shipyard and so on, which are highly praised by customers!

We reasonably believe that with our years of technology and experience and the understanding and support of many customers, we are fully confident and capable of realizing our commitments to customers.





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