How to judge the quality of engine oil

2021/9/25 16:55:25

In the production fields of various heavy industries and heavy instruments, the more common is engine oil, which is also lubricating oil. Its function is to lubricate the machine and prolong the service life of the instrument. With the vigorous development of domestic science and technology, the product quality and product demand of lubricating oil in various heavy equipment industries are increasing. So, how to judge the quality of engine oil in various applications? Now please listen to the detailed introduction of the lubricating oil manufacturer.

As we all know, there are many kinds of engine oil, but good engine oil is conducive to the operation quality of the equipment. The following is a simple way to judge its quality. I hope it will help.

1. Viscosity detection

Put the lubricating oil meeting the quality standard into the test tube, seal it with cork and wax, do not fill it, and leave a space about 5mm high. Put the test tube to be tested into another test tube. The specification and oil content of the test tube used shall be the same as that of the previous test tube. It shall also be sealed with cork and wax. At the same time, turn the two test tubes upside down and observe the rising speed of bubbles. If the rising speed exceeds the standard bubble, the viscosity of the oil is low. On the contrary, the viscosity is very high.

2. Lubrication performance test

The lubricating performance of lubricating oil is related to its viscosity. Generally speaking, no viscosity or reduced viscosity means poor lubrication performance. After the lubricating performance is reduced, the adhesion or adhesion will deteriorate accordingly, unable to form an oil film with sufficient strength and play a good lubricating role. Performance test: rub the thumb and index finger stained with lubricating oil against each other, if there is a sense of viscosity. It can be concluded that it has better lubrication performance. If it feels astringent, it can be concluded that it has lost its due lubricating performance.

In short, when selecting lubricants, we need to polish our eyes, carefully select lubricant manufacturers with quality assurance, and try to avoid buying fake and shoddy products. The viscosity test and lubricating performance test shall be carefully checked.





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